This may seem self promoting and I wouldn't  blame you if you think it is, but you
probably want to know a little more about me and how I can help you before you
decide to hire me. Are you frustrated because it's difficult to find quality mathematical
algorithm developers? If you are, you have come to the right place. Signal Science was
created by Al Bernstein in 2003 to provide algorithm development for scientific
computing and commercial products.

Who is Al Bernstein?
  • A versatile electrical engineer with 20+ years of industry experience
  • A well-seasoned expert at mathematical modeling, algorithm development, and
    numerical analysis
  • An energetic, passionate professional who is skilled at object oriented design,
    software development, and proof of concept prototyping

What can Al do for you?

Dr. Terry Tomcsik had a need for an algorithm developer to implement a U-D matrix
factorized Kalman filter. This task required the analysis of books and papers and, in
addition, required the analyst to be able to synthesize concepts and show proof of

Al was able to derive the U-D Kalman filter equations, fill gaps in the literature, show
proof of concept as well as the numerical behavior using symbolic computation. He
then implemented  the U-D Kalman filter for Navigation and Error analysis in C++, and
integrated the filter into a larger simulation. The results matched the conventional
Kalman filter and met the requirements of the customer.

Steve Russell had a series of telecommunications data files which contained data in a
dynamic format that needed to be parsed in C#.

Al designed a series of C# parsers that could process the various dynamic data
formats. This required analysis to create a parser that was flexible through the use of
machine intelligence.

Norma Byron was involved with designing a fuel cell for use in artillery that is activated
on launch and wanted to simulate various aspects of that product which would assist
her team in the design process.

Al created math specs for the various aspects of the fuel cell operations based on
physics such as the mechanics on launch, gas flow through the device, and the
amount of electricity generated. He then derived algorithms and C++ code to solve the
equations for the various parameters of interest. He wrote papers describing the
mathematical modeling, algorithms, and results.

What do people say about Al?

“Al has a rare blend of creative mathematical abilities and programming skills that
make him a valuable resource and colleague.”


“Al is the complete scientist. He has a rare blend of analytical and computational skills
which allow him to create exceptional results.”

“Al is an easy going but very professional person to work with. He is able to come up
with new computer modeling ideas and transform them into solutions; all of which
makes him a great asset”.

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